My Family



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With this post I want to pose some questions.  Do you love being with your family more than your friends ?  It’s a more difficult question than most of us give the time of day.  We all want to say our families are the only thing that truly matters, but is that the truth or just what we tell ourselves.


Would you rather watch football with your friends or at home with your wife and kids ?

When you go out, is it with your wife or with your friends or both ?

Do you talk with your significant other more than your co-workers ? Hour for hour ?

With all these questions in mind, do you care more about work related things than personal ones ?  When I think of my family it seems like all my interests are on family but that is mostly do to my families unique make-up. My son is Autistic and my wife is Epileptic. Even with all these issues, I find myself focusing on outside interests.

In conclusion,  I would like to know if anyone out there feels like they spend to much time or not enough time with their family or at work and why they think that way.  Any input would help my research.  Thank you for your time… JG