My wife’s Uncle was one of the men who died on this boat. To this day, no one has fully explained how this tragedy came about. These men should not be forgotten. My Uncle’s name was Daniel Cook. CG
March 23, 2008
Alaska fishing boat sinks with 47 crew
UPDATED: 9:54 pm

The Coast Guard has rescued 42 of 47 crewmembers from a fishing boat that sunk 120 miles from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The Coast Guard has rescued 42 of 47 crewmembers from a fishing boat that sunk 120 miles from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
Four crew members from the F/V Alaska Ranger died Sunday and one is still missing after the catcher processor sunk in 6-to-8 foot seas with about 25 knot winds.

The captain reported rudder problems before the abandon ship order was given.

The Fishing Company of Alaska are the owners of the ship. They’ve identified the victims as Capt. Eric Peter Jacobsen, chief engineer Daniel Cook, mate David Silveira and crewman Byron Carrillo.

AUDIO: Mayday call from the Alaska Ranger to the Coast Guard.

From a Coast Guard press release:
The Coast Guard and fishing vessel Alaska Warrior have recovered 46 of 47 crewmembers from the fishing vessel Alaska Ranger 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor. Four crewmembers are reported deceased and one missing.

“Saving 42 people in Bering Sea in the winter is an incredible accomplishment,” said Commander Todd Trimpert, Chief Incident Management 17th Coast Guard District and experienced Alaska rescue pilot, “we were very fortunate to have the Alaska Warrior in the area.”

Crews from an H-60 Jayhawk helicopter from St. Paul, H-65 Dolphin helicopter deployed aboard CGC Munro, C-130 Hercules airplane from Air Station Kodiak and CGC Munro from Kodiak rescued 20 crewmembers in 10-foot seas and 25-knot winds seas while the fishing vessel Alaska Warrior rescued 22.

“When we got on scene there was a spread, at least a mile long, of 13 survivors in gumby suits with strobe lights,” said Aviation Survival Technician 2nd Class O’Brien Hollow, Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, “I went down without disconnecting from the helicopter and picked them up one at a time.”

A second C-130 from Kodiak, the CGC Munro and an H-60 from St. Paul are searching for the missing crewmember. Alaska Ranger crewmembers will be taken to Dutch Harbor.



ryan and me

This year I celebrated being with the same woman for over 20 years. We’ve had great years, so-so years, bad times (not years), but mostly great years. I have friends who have been married longer and some shorter, mostly shorter. The thought which comes to mind this year is how much I have to be thankful for. The mother of my son and adopted sons is a wonderful person. She has Epilepsy and does what she can to help us all in every way she can. Even with several seizures a day she continually works around the house and takes care of our younger son who just happens to be Autistic. My friends and family are always telling me how great it is that I do so much, but I’m not the one with the disabilities, they are.
As I was saying, I attempt to be thankful but sometimes life gets in the way. The simple fact is I need to work and take care of two people with disabilities at the same time. Now, I can go get a part or full-time job and pay everything I make in that job on having someone come in and take care of my family, or stay at home and struggle even more. I wish I knew anyone who actually offers a work at home job that I could trust. Well, any ideas ?

Well enough belly aching… I have a great family and friends, a roof over my head because we have a Landlord who really cares about us and helps wherever he can. Our family is constantly helping out with food and other essentials. Friends who give us clothes whenever they can and just being there when we need them. Overall, we have a great life. Sure we could use help with our son and his mother needs support daily with her seizures but again, we have each other and today this seems to be enough. JG