ryan and me

To the fans of money and everything else that comes with it. The Chargers are on a roll now and that’s great but it will end soon. Hopefully for the fans in San Diego, it will end in a Super Bowl title. “It could happen” , maybe. Stranger things have happened. So, now to my point. This City needs a boost. Non-Football fans love to say stuff like, “it’s not our job to pay for the chargers” or “let the Chargers pay for their own stadium”. To those folks I can only say “PETCO”. It’s not just the stadium that helps a city. It’s status, it’s companies coming here just to come here. We have Sea World, the best Zoo and Wild Animal Park in the world and the Beach. What more could you ask for. The money that is brought in because of the Chargers is not just at the park itself. It’s the bars and clubs, the shirts and the people who design and sell them and the people who produce them. Not to mention the players who live here and buy homes and everything that goes with all that. On the same note, everyone who is associated with the team, spends money here in San Diego. OMG, can we please think beyond the cost of something and focus on the outcome. Even the cost has it’s benefits. All those who design and work on the building of a new stadium will be spending money here in San Diego. There’s an old saying, “you have to spend money to make money”.
I am a family man first. As a family man, I want to make it clear that I don’t spend beyond my means. But, if I knew that spending money would make me more money, well, you get the picture. We need to realize that as a city and a county, we need to grow ore risk stagnation. Right now, the Mission Valley place will work and so will the Downtown area. The issue is not where but when. If the Chargers move it will be a loss to more than just the City. Don’t get me wrong, if they move we will survive, but like our basketball team we will lose a chance to make real money for the city and those who support them. I’m not sure where to leave this but i’ll try. We don’t need a football team, we should want one. We don’t need a basketball or hockey or even a baseball team. We should want one if we want our City to grow to its potential. Example, Chicago, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Huston, Dallas, need I go on. Well, let me know what you think… JG

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